Brief Summary of Oracle Java Certifications and Practice Tests

Brief Summary of Oracle Java Certifications and Practice Tests

The Oracle Java certification exams are used to examine a candidate understands of Java programming language. This exam is mandatory to become a certified programmer.  In maximum cases, these types of certification exams concentrate on verifying a candidate’s knowledge of the API this certification test aims at examining interface definition, class, variables, exception handling, arrays, polymorphism, encapsulation, and flow control. The candidates are required to have basic knowledge of array lists and strings. The test version 8 which was launched in the year 2014 focuses on examining the lambda language and skills on the auto wrapping features of this language. It also checks the new API related to date and time.

What Makes the Oracle Java Certifications Popular?

The Oracle Java certification test was referred to as the Sun Java certification exam in earlier years. This Java technology certification is respected by the complete industry. The certifications help a candidate to focus on job roles in enterprise architecture and software application development. This certification in Oracle Java is important as it is the proof of validation of knowledge and skills in Java and in turn, helps in achieving job goals.

Why and How to Pass the Oracle Java Certifications?

The aim of these Oracle Java certification tests is to examine candidates on different Java-related job roles in the It industry. The candidates can pass these certification exams only if they prepare well and have sufficient understanding and skill of Java technologies. The candidates must also gather enough knowledge amount the pattern of the exam, the type of questions that are normally asked in the test and the topics that are included in the test. Proper practice and sufficient coding skills will help in cracking this exam

Methods to Pass Oracle Java Certifications

Following are some instructions that must be followed to pass the Oracle Java certification exams easily:

  • Candidates must consider referring to the best coaches of Oracle courses
  • Candidates must collect useful information that will assist them to plan and finish their research work.
  • Candidates must look for data and study materials that would assist them to pass the exam.

Details of Oracle Java Certifications

The Oracle Java certification exams are the basic exams that demonstrate the requirement of a solid base in Java. This test is requisite for many other Java certificates. The exam is designed in a widely detailed manner to test knowledge of the core constructs and features of the Java programming language. It also examines the API of Java, like looping variables and constructors, Collections, Threads, Generics, etc. However, GUI creation, network programming, web programming is not covered in this domain. The main focus of the exam is to test the understanding of a candidate about Java mechanisms and constructs. But the exam does not test the candidate’s efficiency to produce programs or write purposeful algorithms.

Experiences of Passing the Oracle Java Certifications

Oracle Java certifications help an aspirant to get a job in any reputed IT company with the skills and the knowledge possession. Continuous up-gradations need to be made with the advancement in the IT sector. After getting hold of the certification, it is certified that the individuals are clear with the basics and are ready to work on the field. These certifications are very beneficial for the resume of an individual. It gives the confidence level a boost for the aspirants to get hold of a desired job in the sector and execute their duties in the right manner.

Oracle Java Certifications Training Courses

  1. pass4itsure
  2. Exam2pass
  3. Java 8 Certification simulators by David Mayer.
  4. Passitdump
  5. Pass4itsure Tutorials

Are Oracle Java Certifications Practice Sets Useful?

The Oracle Java certifications practice sets impart abilities to an aspirant to stay updated with the latest trend of Java in the IT sector and improve the working to satisfy the work environment under competency. The practice dumps and mock exams help an individual to prepare for the main exam in a similar pattern which makes the aspirants aware of the format and the test environment. Thus, to be properly prepared for any Java exam be it of the associate level (1Z0-808) or of the professional (1Z0-809), check Pass4itsure website first. This online platform has gained popularity among the candidates worldwide for the material of a high quality that it provides. In addition, braindumps offered by Pass4itsure have won their audience as well, since they are the most valid and updated. Being provided in VCE  format, they need a special tool to be opened- the VCE Player. It represents the real exam environment for the user, helping him/her get the insight of the real exam, as well as it helps to track one’s results and improve it during the practice. Thus, choosing among the variety of websites online, try out Pass4itsure first of all. The speed, knowledge, and accuracy within oneself can be assessed by appearing in the practice exams. The weak and the strong parts related to Oracle Java exam preparation is explored which creates a strong perception in one’s minds.


Things to Know About Oracle Java Certifications

  • The Oracle Java certifications mentioned in the resume give a good impression to the recruiters as they consider the applicants to be worthy of the job due to their knowledge and skill possession.
  • The Oracle Java certifications help an individual to be recognized for their skills.
  • On understanding the concepts related to Java, any written exam can be passed when it is related to the same subject matter.
  • A level of confidence is boosted within by getting hold of the Oracle Java certifications.
  • The Oracle Java certifications create opportunities for a better-paid job.

 For more information about Java certifications, browse the Oracle official website.

 10 Best Books to Pass Oracle Java Certifications

  1. OCP Java SE 8 Programmer Certification by Scott Selikoff and Jeanne Boyarsky.
  2. OCA (Oracle Certified Associate) Java SE 8 Programmer by Scott Selikoff and Jeanne Boyarsky.
  3. OCA Java SE 8 Programmer by Mala Gupta.
  4. OCA Java SE 8 Programmer by Robert Liguori and Edward G. Finegan.
  5. OCA Java SE 8 Programmer by Bert Bates and Kathy Sierra.
  6. OCAJP (Oracle Certified Associate Java SE 8 Programmer) by Mitchell Glenn.
  7. Oracle Java SE8 Programmer Exam by Exam Review.
  8. A Programmer’s Guide to Java Certification by Rolf W. Rasmussen and Khalid A. Mughal.
  9. Java a beginner’s guide by Herbert Schildt.
  10. Oracle Certified Professional Java SE 8 Programmer by Udayan Khattry.

Final Word

The Oracle Java certifications are valid and valuable if an individual is well aware of the subject matter and is knowledgeable about the related facts associated with the certification. This helps the individuals to achieve success, knowledge, high salary and experience throughout their work span in the IT industry. It is of utmost importance for all the Oracle Java Certified to have good coding knowledge in all aspects. With good knowledge, high skills in Oracle Java gained during proper preparation from Pass4itsure, an individual has a stronghold and demand on the IT marketplace.

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