Cisco CCNP 300-101 ROUTE: Overview, Tips & Tricks, Top Resources for Digital Nomads

Cisco CCNP R&S, or Cisco Certified Network Professional Routing and Switching certification is the best course intended for the individuals who are interested in making a professional career in networking. The certificate validates the skills and the knowledge of the certificate holder for planning, verifying, implementing, and troubleshooting of the network in LANs and WANs at a proficient level. The course helps in working collaboratively with professionals in the field with the help of advanced solutions like videos, security, wireless, and voice. The 300-101 certification examination mainly focuses on the implementation skills of the individual regarding various IT aspects.
Cisco CCNP 300-101 ROUTE_ Overview, Tips & Tricks, Top Resources for Digital Nomads
The 300-101 ROUTE examination helps in learning the following concepts: 
• Basics of networking
• Establishment of WAN and Internet connectivity including IPv4 and IPv6
• Management of network device security
• Operating LAN of medium size along with other multiple switches that include VLANs, spanning tree and much more
• Troubleshooting of connectivity of IP which is inclusive of IPv4 and IPv6
• Troubleshooting and configuration of OSPF and EIGRP
• Configuration of devices that includes Syslog, SNMP, and NetFlow access
• Management of configurations of various devices of Cisco, images from Cisco IOS, licenses
The Cisco CCNP R&S examination comes with advanced-level topics that include: 
• Network Principles
• Layer 2 Technologies
• Layer 3 Technologies
• VPN Technologies
• Infrastructure Security
• Infrastructure Services
The CCNP 300-101 examination comes with a total number of 45-65 questions, which include simulation and multiple-choice questions with both multiple and single answers.

Tips for clearing the Cisco 300-101 exam:

This portion of the CCNP certification comes with a detailed focus on the implementation of various domains that include routing and switching, security, collaboration, service providers, wireless, cloud, data center, and design. However, the base of the CCNP certificate is not easy to clear.

Here are some quick tips that would help you in clearing the Cisco examination without any hurdles: 

• Know the CCNA well 
The CCNP comes with a deep base of the CCNA. A lot of resources are available — check Cisco CCNP Route — 300-101 Certification Practice Test to prepare for both CCNA and CCNP exams. Hence, it is important that the individual comes with a strong base of the CCNA R&S certification, that explains all the concepts in detail. Learning the Cisco CCNA would give you proper beginning with topics like skills, knowledge, logic, and much more. Until the individual is not clear with the concepts of the CCNA, he/she cannot move up for the CCNP examination as he would lack the basics the course demands.
• Be careful in selecting the examination 
The CCNP examination comes with three different levels that include route, SWITCH, and shoot. The individuals many times make a mistake by selecting the wrong course first. It is thus important that the candidates select the correct exam first. This would also give them a good opportunity to learn according to the hierarchy and begin with the basics. Hence, it is important, to begin with, the first step moving to the training goals.
• Gather the utmost experience 
Clearing the CCNA examination would surely provide you with the required experience in the practice field. The course would also provide you with an opportunity to get a maximum of 3 years of experience which holds a vital role while giving the CCNP examination. Hence, it is also important to work well on home and training labs to get detailed experience in the networking field that helps in learning all the concepts and topologies.
• Other resources 
Along with the material provided by Cisco, one needs to focus on other additional resources too, as they would be helpful in learning Cisco from the basics and in detail. For this, the candidates can refer to other resources like Google forums, Cisco Blogs, reading materials, books, videos, CCIE authors, etc. Look for the best material that will motivate you and bring interest in learning and get knowledge.
• Go step by step 
A common mistake made by applicants is selecting all the topics at a time. The course comes with a number of topics, so go with one topic at a time. Also, it is not necessary to stick to a particular book for learning the topic. The topics can also be learned from different sources like blogs, research, and much more, through which the candidates would be able to learn about the concept in detail. So, go topic by topic.
• Professional trainers 
The CCNP course requires professional skills, experience, and knowledge that is required to clear the examination. Henceforth, it is important the candidates go through training and learning under professional trainers that come with proper planning, experience, and much more that is required for building a strong base. Also, make a point that the trainers keep themselves updated with the latest updates in the field.
• Relaxation 
Along with detailed studies, it is also important that the candidates relax at regular intervals. Take proper breaks so that you don’t overstress yourself during the examination period. Avoid late night studies prior to and during the actual examination. Go for the important questions and revise to learn the concept thoroughly. Take a break in studies and motivate yourself mentally that you can do it well. Try to avoid mistakes in the questions you already know by getting confused.
By going through these steps, you would be able to clear the hectic 300-101 certification exam with ease in the very first attempt.

Training courses for Cisco 300-101 exam:

The Routing and Switching course of the Cisco 300-101 test comes with the following curriculum:
• Cisco CCNP R&S ROUTE 300-101 Exam Preparation Course PART 1
• CCNP All in one Video Boot Camp
• Cisco CCNP Route (300-101): The complete course
• CCNP Switch 300-101 Video Boot Camp
• The complete CCNA and CCNP Lab course 2018 Basic to Advance
• MPLS Fundamentals – Cisco CCNP & Real World
• CCNP Route 300-101
• CCNP Switch Version 2.0 (300-101)
Top resources for the Cisco 300-101 exam: 
• CCNP Routing and Switching ROUTE 300-101 Complete Video Course
• CCNA Routing and Switching 200-125 Network Simulator
• CCNA Routing and Switching 200-125 Official Cert Guide Library
• CCNA 200-125 Complete Video Course
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