Фантастика - Премия Золотое перо Руси


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By the author: In my fantastic novel I tended to draw parallels between the events of 1099 and nowadays realia- something that is going to send the world into a fever during the years to come. Rinaldo and Armidah are the protagonists of the poem ‘Jerusalem Delivered’ by an italian poet named T. Tasso ( 1544 – 1595). The poem is dedicated to the First Crusade that resulted in the capture of Jerusalem and the establishment of the Cristian reign. Armida , the attractively beautiful witch, was sent by the Devil ( the support of which was achieved by the Saracens) to demolish the Crusaders with the magic power of her spell. She hated Rinaldo and tried to take revenge on him for having rescued the friends of his that she’d converted into monsters like Circaea did. However, Armidah, conquered by Rinaldo’s beauty, falls in love with him and takes him to her spellbound gardens.
It seems to me that having made a round of the spiral , in a tsousand years’ time our history has reached to the same point of it only with an exception- this time it’s one round above. Now we encounter the protagonists newly- Amidah as a geneticist from Damascus and Ronaldo as a Hispano American.